Zanne Small
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Zanne Small

Small HAWSSA ATCL Rhodesian by birth, Zanne (nee Koen) completed “A” Levels at Chaplin High School in Gwelo and then studied Music and Fine Art at U.C.T. In 2000 she was introduced to the Art scene in Johannesburg by joining the Watercolour Society of South Africa where she was very involved for the following 14 years as a Higher Associate , Chairperson, Judge and Curator of Manor Gallery at Norscot . Currently she has moved to Sedgefield and has an art studio on the edge of the lagoon.Her favoured medium is watercolour and she is well known for her “farmscapes.”She has a very distinct and recognisable style. Zanne’s vignettes tell simple beautiful stories.

Cell Phone 071-729-7271