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My old man came to me and offered me a course on photography. I had nothing better to do so I went off for a few days and used a camera. An Olympus E510 with a 14-42mm lens. I fell in love in a heartbeat. It was more exciting than a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks rom com. It hit me with such force and wonder that I was blinded by light. I spent every moment I had shooting and learning. Reading, researching, spying and leeching off of my father and his many years of skills. I was addicted to light.
I became drowned in light and sought after my main passion, wildlife and landscape photography, to a point where I didn’t like to be interfered with. I became “at Large”. I like to go off the grid and do what I need to get an image. I test my gear to its fullest and make sure with every second, I love what I do.

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