Turbine Hotel and Spa
Turbine Boutique Hotel & Spa, 36 Sawtooth Lane, Thesen Island

One of South Africa’s most unusual hotels, the 5-star Turbine Boutique Hotel and Spa, situated on the picturesque Thesen Islands, in Knysna, revamped from an historical wood-burning power station, is a fascinating blend of history and innovation. Adding something quite extraordinary to this blend – aside from its 25-room luxury accommodation – is its “moving art gallery”, provided by Knysna Fine Arts. All the stunning original artworks – vibrant, large and awesome – adorning its walls, is on sale; all are by local South African artists – the hotel takes great pride in featuring its local talent and supporting its heritage.

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Cell Phone 044 302 5746
website https://www.turbinehotel.co.za/