Please note that all demonstrations will be taking place in GENOA which is a room in the main Hotel building. This will be well sign posted. The  entrance can be seen from  the entrance to the Conference Centre where the auditorium is.

On our Programme, demos are shown as being in Genoa 1, or Genoa 2 , or Genoa 3. These are NOT separate  rooms. All 3 of these demos will be taking place in the same large room. This means you can stroll form one to the other without disturbing the demonstrator and see how each is progressing.  Do support our artists as they share their skills.  All demonstrations are FREE.


If you planning to attend  Owen Roberts’  “Beginners Workshop on Painting with Water Based Oils” on Friday 23rd at 9h30, you do not need to bring any materials with you. The paints, brushes, and palette will be supplied. You can buy a small A4 or A3 stretched canvas, or canvas board from the crazy store ,or I will supply one at cost. If you do have tour own brushes, and a palette knife bring them along though not essential. You can come totally empty handed. I will supply the reference material. No experience needed.

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