Jan Raats Painter
Jandreart ,2 TH Long Street Thesen Harbour Town (9)

Working as a humanitarian in some of the most incredible places on earth, I harness the emotion of chaos and conflict to capture the unique stories in oil on canvas, using my technique of ‘Impressionistic Smearing’, using only my fingers.
My current body of work ‘Portraits of the Homeless’ is focused at highlighting that the homeless on the fringe of society, still have their dignity.
I approach each portrait with the purpose of capturing the essence of their lives, formed by the narrative of the stories that I gather by sitting listening to them. Shared moments. Vital. Unique. Mesmerising.
I strive for simplicity, so that the mood and energy in my work empowers people to dream.

e-mail jandreart@gmail.com
Cell Phone 0786105104
website www.jandreart.com