Wild Dog – Bronze
Location: Premier Hotel (1)
Veronica de Voogt

Veronica de Voogt  Has had a passion for wildlife all her life. Most of her sculptures are inspired by movement and stature of the animal in its natural habitat.

The animal lives! Dynamics is a key in her work, when she creates a sculpture it must look lively, playful with some tension and a real character.

In her work she puts emotion. Every new artwork is a new discovery of the possibilities the bronze metal offers. To optimise this process Veronica was educated in all the stages of making a bronze statue. She masters all stages after creation of the original wax  or clay model. Making the moulds, poring the wax models and re-structuring them, after casting fettling the raw casts, patination and even cutting and the stone under the statue and mounting it.

e-mail v.m.devoogt@gmail.com
Cell Phone 0715398495
website http://www.veronicadevoogt.nl