Derrick Coetzer Photography
Oaks on Main, 28 Main Street (14)

“My Life, the Photographer”
I began to absorb myself in the process of learning and studying almost everything I could about photography. The love affair blossomed and in 2016 I “married” myself up with a new Nikon D500 and soon the D850 full frame.
“Through the Lens”
The world is a different place when looking through a lens, my aim always being to transport the moment captured in real time and let it live on forever in my photographs. Attracted to wide open spaces and the easy living in South Africa, it is a pleasure to be in the part of the world where the subject matter is endless. Surrounded with seascapes and landscapes where there are endless horizons of natural beauty.
I love dramatic sunsets, sunrises and the outlay of sea ports and light houses, especially working ports with the fishermen & trawlers.
Enjoy my assembly of photographs.

Cell Phone 078 415 5246