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El Blanco:
Tales of the Mariachi
By Gwydion Beynon

El Blanco tells the tale, masterfully presented through music and storytelling, of a man, a liar, a sell-out and a fool, struggling to earn the coveted title of ‘mariachi’.
“Stories are songs for people who cannot sing. Songs are stories for people who can.”
This is what James Cairns’ character, El Blanco believes. While he may unashamedly spin a pack of lies, in this instance, he comes close to the truth.
From the pen of Gwydion Beynon (The Epicene Butcher, Amateur hour) and starring James Cairns (Dirt, The Snow Goose, Sitting Man), El Blanco: Tales of the Mariachi has won a Golden Ovation Award 2015 and the Pebble Trust Bursary 2015.

More laughs than Dylan Moran. — thecritter.co.za
A dazzling performance from a very skilled entertainer. — www.artsmart.co.za