renwick tiles
Renwick tiles, 3 Bokmakirie Street, Lower Old Place

Alongside Craig and Ruth Renwick’s home, tucked into their forest garden, you will find the Renwick HandmadeTiles and Knysna Pottery House, on the corner of

the National Road and Bokmakierie St, Knysna. This is where a wide range of Victorian, patterned and plain tiles are made; every shape and size, glazed in a myriad of jewel-bright, natural, or crackled smoky tones. Craig Renwick is a master of colour and glazes, and is willing and able to accept commissions to design new tile ranges to the client’s specifications. Apart from making many square meters of handmade tiles Craig is also a master on the pottery wheel, making large platters, basins, clocks, bowls, tableware, big jars etc. Ceramic lettering for house names, bonsai pots, and many other functional pieces are created under his supervision too. There are always a few local artists using the studio facilities and firing services, so- just about anything ceramic is possible with this combination of skill and talent available at the Knysna Pottery House. Ruth Renwick is the glue that holds the place together, taking care of the office stuff, displaying the pottery and organising classes and generally being very busy and enthusiastic at all times


Cell Phone 0846432711